Member's Resources

The Asia Pacific Association for Fiduciary Studies provides its membership with Related Links to other organizations with similar educational aims. The various focuses of the organizations are broad, ranging from retirement plans to endowments and foundations to institutional consulting, and the like.

APAFS acknowledges organizations which have acted as sponsors and partners in the pursuit of educating and updating members on fiduciary issues relevant to institutional fund management. These organizations have made it possible for APAFS to continue to fulfill its objectives. Sponsor and partner organizations are given the opportunity to post Research Publications on topics of interest to institutional investors. These publications are neither endorsed nor recommended by APAFS, but are posted solely in the interest of providing additional education to our members.

APAFS seeks to be known as practical resource, as well as an educational one. From time to time, APAFS obtains Prototype Documents from various sources which are posted as a member resource. The sources of these prototype documents include both professional associations such as CFA Institute and the Investment & Wealth Institute, formerly IMCA, as well as from APAFS members.