Summer IGE

Welcome to APAFS Summer IGE Training Page!

APAFS is pleased to announce that in partnership with our educational member institutions, Investment Fiduciary Governance Essentials Training (IGE) is coming to Micronesia this Summer. This IGE Training will provide a solid foundation in fiduciary principles and best practices for protecting assets under your care. This program is ideal for those that are new in fiduciary roles or wanting a refresher.

This training is also a great way to prepare for the advanced fiduciary courses being offered later this year in Manila.  The dates for the Summer Training in Micronesia are as follows:


2024 Summer
Investment Governance Essentials (IGE) Training Events in Micronesia

Events Location Dates
8:00am- 5:00pm
Venue Rates
1 Majuro                         Wed., July 31 Marshall Island Resort $700, $800 (After July 22nd)
2 Pohnpei Fri., August 2 Cliff Hotel $700, $800 (After July 22nd)
3 Kosrae Wed., August 7 COM FSM, Zoom Room $700, $800 (After July 22nd)
4 Guam Tue., August 13 Hyatt Guam $700, $800 (After July 22nd)
5 Palau Thur., August 15 Palau Royal Resort, Ming Court $700, $800 (After July 22nd)
6 Saipan Thur., August 22 Crown Plaza, Azucena Room $700, $800 (After July 22nd)
7 Chuuk Thur., September 12 L5 Hotel $700, $800 (After July 22nd)
8 Yap Wed., September 18 TBA $700, $800 (After July 22nd)

This Training is Coming to the Respective Islands in Partnership with
APAFS Educational Member Institutions:

College of the Marshall Islands
College of Micronesia, FSM
Guam Community College
Northern Marianas College
Palau Community College
University of Guam

Download Summer IGE Training brochure for more details