2021 Conference

 Fiduciary Events Week (FEW) to include
Flagship 20th Annual Pacific Region Investment Conference (PRIC)

Coming in 2021!

The Fiducuiary Events Week includes 7 back to back events culminating with 20th Annual Pacific Region Investment Conference (PRIC) in 2021 is envisioned to be the premier investment conference in the region. Through this medium, Asia Pacific Association for Fiduciary Studies (APAFS™) links training with regional understanding.

The Association exists to provide educational forums with the uniqueness of being regionally focused. Bridging Wall Street to the Asia Pacific region provides members with meaningful educational forums that cover the most current and fundamental understanding of their roles as fiduciaries, focusing on regional specific issues and needs. It means providing members with current developments pertaining to the relevant tools needed to measure performance of investment managers, investment consultants and other service providers. Furthermore, with the Pacific Region Investment Conference (PRIC), APAFS™ serves as a regional resource for “Best Practices” and industry developments, as well as providing valuable networking opportunities with other fiduciaries from the region.

More than a sharing of knowledge and experiences, the Conference essentially becomes a venue for the recognition and appreciation of the richness of the cultures and practices that are unique to the Asia Pacific region.

Fiduciary Events Week (FEW)
in Manila, Philippines

Date to be Announced for 2021